Be sure to be well prepared for the launch of Open Enrollment, Performance or Compensation Reviews - or just for next week! We'll make sure your reports and processes are up to date so that everything works, every time.

Quick Fixes

Calculated fields giving you trouble? Been fussing around with that one module all week? We can provide quick, efficient solutions so that you can get back to working on what matters.


Testing can be complicated and time consuming, but you should never release a change into your Workday environment without thoroughly vetting what it will effect. We know all the ins and outs - let us handle the testing.

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Does your support team struggle to answer the technical questions that only come up once in a while?

While it may not make sense for your organization to have full time technical experts on the payroll, Singularis’ Office Hours Program can provide a level of support that can react quickly to pressing questions, needs and issues:

  • What was that module really supposed to do?
  • Why that business process was configured that way?
  • Why isn’t that report returning the data you need?
  • What happened to my integration?
  • Quick reports and fixes
  • Testing for functionality changes, open enrollment, integrations and workday releases
  • Yearly preparations and launches for Open Enrollment, Performance, and Advanced Compensation

We’ve worked past implementations with many companies and know how to help your organization run more effectively and smoothly. We also know how to manage change and implement new features and functionality to users who are already on Workday.

Technical and Functional Support

  • Integration Development
  • Workflow, business process updates and changes
  • Report Development
  • Security Updates
  • Integration Management
  • Release Management
  • Regression Testing
  • Tenant Management
  • System Configuration Changes
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