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We often work with clients who have just completed their initial implementation, helping them to stabilize and optimize their Workday experience or configure and deploy add on modules that may not have been rolled out initially.  Not only do we help our clients garner more value from their Workday experience, we also help them to navigate the nuances of the system on their own.

We have configured almost the entire spectrum of Workday’s offerings including all of HCM, Recruiting, Payroll, and integrations. Our clients engage us for a wide variety of configuration development, program management, highly complex reporting, and change management.  We have our own production team and thus can create video job aids, in addition to end user written documentation.

While we bring deep technical skills in Workday, we recognize that almost all projects require a good deal more in order to be success, and in the end our goal is to ensure that our clients can successfully operate independently.


Singularis Office Hours

One of the things that we hear the most from our clients is that they lack assistance for specific issues with their implementation after they go live.  While they generally know how to get help if they want to implement a new module or add additional functionality through projects, they don’t always know how to get help if they have to update a complex report, or add a new, complex type of time off, or have a specific security problem that they don’t know how to solve.  As we’ve all realized, the number of questions about Workday can almost be infinite and the types of questions depend on how your company implemented Workday.

Workday has a concept of “Office Hours” that can assist in this, but it often requires that customers do a large amount of research in order to create the request form, and once created, the Workday team will look at their environment and even guide them in developing the solution, but will not actually configure and test the results that the Customer needs.

As a result, we developed our own Singularis Office Hours product as a way to offer a more comprehensive and efficient solution for our Customers.  The idea is that they need a flexible way to get assistance for Workday problems, including anything from highly technical solutions to business process questions, to help in communicating and moving change into their company’s environment.

Our solution is flexible to meet the needs of our customers, and can provide a more extensive solution including prototypes of solutions, configuration steps and even testing and guidance on rolling out the new functionality.

For our customers, it’s a great way to tap into a depth of technical knowledge that they may not have in-house and that doesn’t require a full time person.  The hours in an Office Hours package are only used when you need the help and are typically set up to last for a 1-3 month period of time.


Some examples of work we’ve done with clients using Office Hours:

  • Developed absence plans and time entry updates to accommodate new Union with shorter work weeks
  • Created report that served as the basis of a regular integration for an external leave management vendor
  • Designed and set up new segmented document security categories for a client
  • Created a segmented security group for company that acquired another company and needed to set up separate security for some functions
  • Updated the XSLT for an integration that had been created for a benefits plan (but had been delivered without documentation or comments within the code)
  • Fixed issue with onboarding and state tax forms so that business process correctly identified the state where the employee would be working

To contact us, visit our Contact Page, or email us at info@singularisconsulting.com.

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